Saskatoon Home For Sale


It’s difficult saying goodbye to your home. It’s a place that for some holds so many memories. As a parent your watched you kids take their first steps; you watched them grow up and then leave home. But there’s no need to be sad! Selling your home can be the spring board to the next exciting chapter in your life’s journey.

Do you have enough boxes? Good. That means you can start packing while my team and I take care of the rest.

Free Market Evaluation

Saskatoon (and Saskatchewan) is booming! So if you’re looking to sell your home, then now is the time to do it! However, before you go ahead and start listing (selling/advertising) your house you need to know your position in the current real estate market.

I will provide you with a free market evaluation (no obligation necessary) that will give you everything you need to know about where you stand, what the competition looks like and what you can realistically expect to earn from the sale of your home. With the price of Saskatoon real estate changing month-to-month, key factors such as location, type and size of your home, and future developments in and around your area affect the price of your home.

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Pricing Your Home

The great news is that every house in Saskatoon sells, but at what price? As the most important part of the listing process you must price your house properly and fairly. The current market, how your house is marketed and what buyers are currently looking for all affect the price and therefore the sale of your house. On one hand you need to be competitive, on the other you need to be realistic. It really is a double-edged sword.

My team and I are here to advise and guide you in determining a good price range. In order to help you decide upon a price will put together a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) which will show you what other homes in Saskatoon or your market area are selling for and what other homes are listed at.

The most common mistake made by home owners is basing their selling price on what other houses are listed at, NOT what they are selling at. There are a number of factors that can help determine the price, so it’s no good looking at what your neighbor’s home sold for because it doesn’t necessarily apply to you. We could tell you what you want to hear, but believe us when we say it’s not a good strategy to take. You could run the risk of market damage from over-pricing and if the bank determines your house is at a lesser value, they are the ones with the final say.

In order to help determine the best price we will look at its size, age, condition, special features, upgrades and location. The bank will also order an appraisal before securing a mortgage to a potential buyer. Therefore if you overprice your house and someone puts an offer on it, without being appraised the bank can effectively deny them a mortgage.

If you are ready to sell and are interested to know a “ballpark” figure contact us today. Then when you’re ready to list will prepare a much more detailed analysis for you, so when we are finished going through the information, you will feel informed and confident that you are doing the right thing.

Selling Costs

You’ve made the choice and you’re selling your home. All we have to do now is determine an appropriate list price and I can then provide you with a net proceeds number. This will allow you to figure out what your net gain will be on the sale of your house. What you need to know is what the gross sale price is before commission and taxes (if any) are taken off, because you then need to ask me “What’s your fee?”

You should never be scared to ask this question to any real estate agent. It’s an important question to ask and know the answer to. I have no secrets, but my commission can vary from sale-to-sale. I should also point out that each real estate agent uses different commission structures based on how they market your home so it’s important to ask your agent how they plan on doing this. Remember, “You get what you pay for.”

It is also important to know how your agent plans to pay the buyer’s agent. In the Saskatoon real estate market, we generally see “3/2/1” which is considered to be fair compensation. You want to be sure the listing REALTOR® pays the buyer’s real estate agent enough to entice them to show your home.

Legal fees are another added cost, but you pay less when selling your home. So, phew! But be wary of a possible pay-out penalty if you pay off your mortgage early, and the cost of any renovations and repairs needed to entice potential buyers.

For any questions you may have regarding the costs associated with selling your home, please contact me.


Using a great, experienced real estate lawyer can make all the difference with your home purchase. If you can, meet with a few, sit down with them to find out what they can offer. The first meeting is free, so take the time to find someone you’re really comfortable with.

Do your homework – finding a lawyer is not a minor, last minute decision. If you’d like to work with my preferred real estate lawyer, check out Brad Jamieson or Grant Bryden (Phone: 306-667-5602 Email: a call or email.

When you’re deciding on a lawyer

  • Find a person you feel you can trust – referrals from friends and family will help with this.
  • Make sure they are thorough and prompt in responding to your requests.
  • Find someone in your price range.
  • Use a lawyer that is very experienced in or exclusively practices real estate law.
  • Consider the size of the firm – do you want a small private firm or a more corporate style firm.