Saskatoon Home For Sale


First Time Buyers

I can’t stress how essential it is that as a first time home buyer you should work with someone who is not only experienced in the Saskatoon real estate market, but also has substantial experience with first time buyers.

You most certainly have a lot of questions, so my first piece of advice is: ask away! There’s never a bad time to ask a question. Having worked with many first time buyers, I understand the anxiety you may feel (hey, we’ve all been there, even me!) I will do my very best to answer any question you pose and alleviate any unnecessary stress. I promise you it does get easier, even though right now it probably doesn’t feel that way.

In order to start the process we must first determine what price range of properties you can look at and what mortgage payments you can afford and feel comfortable paying each month. It’s no good having an amazing home but then not having any money left for that 55” LED TV or even a beer. Therefore I would recommend visiting a bank or mobile mortgage specialist ASAP to get “pre-approved” for a mortgage. We then need to sit down so my team and I can explain how the general home buying process works.

Are you ready to buy? Contact me today to set up a meeting.

Home Inspections

Buying a home is quite possibly the largest investment you will make. My advice to you: before you sign on the dotted line, have it inspected. Don’t end up being interviewed on CTV as the person who decided not to get the house inspected and now you’re left with a gaping hole in the center of your kitchen.

I have responsible and trusted home inspectors whom I’ve used on many occasions, and will be happy to recommend them to you. Alternatively, if you have an inspector that you’ve used in the past, then I will be more than happy to work with them. Written reports of all findings will be presented to you upon completion of the inspection.


Using a great, experienced real estate lawyer can make all the difference with your home purchase. If you can, meet with a few, sit down with them to find out what they can offer. The first meeting is free, so take the time to find someone you’re really comfortable with.

Do your homework – finding a lawyer is not a minor, last minute decision. If you’d like to work with some of my preferred real estate lawyers, please give Brad Jamieson or Grant Bryden (Phone: 306-667-5602 Email: ) a call or email.

When you’re deciding on a lawyer:

  • Find a person you feel you can trust – referrals from friends and family will help with this.
  • Make sure they are thorough and prompt in responding to your requests.
  • Find someone in your price range.
  • Use a lawyer that is very experienced in or exclusively practices real estate law.
  • Consider the size of the firm – do you want a small private firm or a more corporate style firm.

Mortgage Brokers

If your looking for a mortgage broker I have a few referals that I can pass on that are fast, efficient, helpful and can usually beat the banks rates.